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andy kyriacou



After a chance meeting in 1981, Andy joined an unknown band named Modern Romance. Within 8 weeks of joining them, the band had charted with their first hit single, "Everybody Salsa".  Andy toured the UK, Europe and the Far East with the band, picking up Gold Discs for tracks and albums released in several territories, including Japan, Venezuela and of course, the UK.

Following the success of the first Shrek movie, which featured Best Years of Our Lives on the soundtrack, Andy felt it was time to unleash the unique Modern Romance Sound to a new generation. He relaunched the band in 1999, this time as lead singer, and the band have toured extensively since that time, making friends all over the world.


steve etherington

Steve is a multi- talented musician whose ability as a keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist makes him a valuable part of the Modern Romance line-up.


natalie grace


matt earnshaw

Matt is a professional with a wealth of experience. Since completing his studies at Drumtech and the London School of Music, he has performed all over the world with an eclectic range of artists and has become the drummer of choice for Modern Romance, flying in from his home in Sweden for live shows.


Natalie joined Modern Romance  in 2013, making her debut at Looe Music Festival. She

has been performing with the band ever since and has also become an accomplished singer/songwriter, releasing her first solo single, "Ask You One Thing" in 2020.

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